Help with Buzzback

What is Buzzback?

Buzzback is an app for iOS and Android that connects to your apartment building's callbox and notifies you by mobile notification when a guest is at your door. Buzzback allows you to buzz your guests without having to answer your phone and to create codes that can be used by frequent guests.

Can I use Buzzback?

Buzzback works with any building that uses a DTMF based callbox. This type of callbox works by calling your phone directly (historically a local land line) and then waiting for you to press your building's access digit (often '9') to allow your guest into the building. When you sign up, we create a new local phone number that you give to your building that connects your callbox to our app.

How do I set up Buzzback?

First install our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and go through the setup. Once you're done with the install and have given us the information we need to contact you, we will generate a unique local "buzzback number" for you based on your building's geographic location. You will need to give this number to your building management, who then program it into your building's callbox. Once programmed into the callbox, guests who buzz your apartment will cause the Buzzback app to notify you.

What if I'm not expecting a guest?

If you don't know who is at the door and are not expecting a guest, simply ignore the message. The callbox will hang up after 60 seconds.

What if I want to confirm who is at the door?

In this case, use the 'Talk' functionality - either directly from the mobile notification or from inside the Buzzback app. The callbox will then call your phone directly so that you can talk to the guest. Once connected, you will need to use your building's access digit to buzz the guest as before.

What if I want to let a guest in?

Hit "Approve" and the door will be opened for your guest.

What if I have a frequent guest?

You can create and share unique access codes for frequent guests. Add the code from the main screen and share it through whatever method you choose (we prefer text message). You will receive a mobile notification any time the code is used.

What if I have roommates?

Buzzback supports apartments with multiple roommates and will notify all roommates when a guest arrives. Simply invite your roommate by email and share the invitation code with them. After they sign up, they should use the invitation code to join your apartment.

id="slack" What if I want notifications in Slack?

To receive notifications in Slack, open the Buzzback app for iOS or Android, select the settings icon for your Location, scroll down to Actions and press Enable Slack. You will be redirected to Slack's website to login and connect your account to Buzzback.

What if I move and no longer need Buzzback?

To cancel your subscription, open the sidebar and select the gear icon next to your building's name. Scroll to the bottom of the location settings and select 'Remove Location'. The location will be removed and your credit card will no longer be billed.

And what if I have more questions?

Drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll be glad to help you out!